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Kind Kine iMessage Stickers for iPhone and iPad

It All Started on Oahu, Hawaii…

EVERYONE messages and being a fan of Apple, using an iPhone and iPad is a no brainer with iMessages. Being a silly, animated person that is super jacked on caffeine daily and lives on a remote island, I found that texting was pretty boring and the emojis didn’t cut it.

When I first saw the Apple iMessage sticker commercial I was pumped that I was not the only one that thought messages needed a new life. I found that the animated stickers were the most amusing but that there were not many stickers that had the emotion of what I was wanting to share (how often are you going to share a random sticker of a shoe or a flower?!) so I made some espresso and was determined to figure out how to make my own iMessage stickers so I could say what was really on my mind.

How the Heck to Make the Stickers?! IDK

I love graphic design but I am not an illustrator or a sketch artist and I had no clue how I would make the stickers. After a couple weeks of brainstorming at the beach, I had a totally random idea that I could try to sculpt characters rather than create them digitally. Not sure where the idea came from, too much coffee maybe, since I had never sculpted anything since I was maybe 5 yrs. old with PlayDoh.

What the heck, I gave it a shot. I did not have any emotions in mind when I started sculpting, I just needed to see if I had mad skills or if I completely sucked. To my surprise, it wasn’t a complete disaster. No, the characters were not perfect but hey, they had faces that had expressions.

Kind Kine iMessages Stickers

Emotions, Animation & Publishing…OMG!

imessage stickers

I started paying attention to my iMessages to find out what common emotions I had, cheeky or literal and the list of sticker emotions was born. Jacked on espresso,  jamming to some local tunes with my dog by my side, I was a machine creating the silly sticker characters. I had to sort out how to photograph the characters and before I knew it the photoshoot was done and I was cleaning up the characters in Photoshop.

As with every other step in this process, I had no clue how to animate the stickers. I copied and pasted character parts and broke down basic movements until the iMessage stickers came alive. Last order of business was to submit the sticker pack to Apple. I held my breath until the iMessage sticker app was approved, their approval process is thankfully pretty quick. 

That was it. Kind Kine animated sticker apps were complete and ready for sticking. I hope you feel the aloha that went into making each sticker and that your messages are filled with ridiculousness and joy as intended!